Every story starts with a dream

I've always been an idea maker at heart. During my childhood, I dabbled in various creative pursuits—writing poems, sketching designs for party dresses, sporadic painting, and even a bit of embroidery. During high school, I fell in love with the magic of photography. However, following the conventional path, I opted for university to ensure a secure and practical career.

Studying marketing and diving into work, I soon realized I needed the space where I could truly unleash my creativity. During my spare moments, I revisited handicrafts, and since 2013, I've immersed myself in several creative ventures. These projects not only taught me techniques but also bolstered my confidence as both a designer and craftsman.

After prolonged contemplation and seven years in the workforce, in 2019, I made the resolute decision to embark on a journey to pursue my dream: Establishing my sustainable brand with original designs, aiming to bring joy to people's lives and creating a liberated workspace where I can soar freely—a place imbued with a touch of fairy tale.


Unlimited Dots, s.r.o.
Pittsburgská 1672/6, 01008 Žilina


Mobile: ++421 944 734 470

The decision to pursue my dream brought another into my path—two years later, my daughter was born. During my pregnancy, I had already begun to slow down my work pace, yet I've been steadily and consistently developing and creating our accessories since then.

I have been working with the finest and highest-quality materials, along with reliable and responsible suppliers in Slovakia and across the globe. This ensures that I not only give a fairy-tale essence and unique design into every product but also guarantee premium quality in each piece.

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