Become Anibubba partner

You gain opportunity to bring your customers unique portfolio of products with fairytale touch.

You can choose from variety of designs and different hair accessories as scrunchies, hair clips, hair snaps, french hair barettes, tiny elastics or headbands.

We have original portfolio of hair accessories and linen bonnets in favourite animal designs as Fox, Mouse, Bunny or Ladybird.

We love to create hair accessories and bonnets which can be easily combined and can be perfect matchy-matchy gifts for moms and their kids. So your customers can easily find perfect gifts for their loved ones.

We offer support with photography for marketing and your eshop needs.

We would love to cooparate with local stores which are on the same wave as Anibubba. They love nature, animals & flovers, cute fabrics and overtime playful design which might please their customers.

As we are small brand and make our collection in small quantity, production and delivery time may take longer, but is always agreed in advance.

We can  sent our products worldwide.

Discount we offer

As a wholesaler you can benefit from 10 to 20 % discount from retail prices. Final price in your shop is up to you, but it can not exceed our retail prices more than 20%.

What is MQO?

Minimum order quantity is sum of 150 EUR per order. When you want to load product on your website we offer you use our product photography.


In case of need, we can sent you samples to hold and see the quality of our products. If You are looking for something special do not hesitate and reach us.

Packaging an information

Our products are placed on a holders from recyclated eco paper with sticker about material composition and care on the back side. Packed safely in the box.

Are you interested in B2B cooperation?

Feel free to contact us via[email protected].

Where You can find our products

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06901 Snina

Námestie SNP 5
036 01Martin

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