Come rain or shine, Linen baby bonnet will always become little child's bestie. Find out how and why linen baby bonnets are simply great.

Linen bonnet is a very practical piece of garment for a little child's wardrobe. It is a comfortable for wearing and of beuatiful vintage looking. Let's eplore its benefits and reasons why You should think of getting for your little one.

Fall in love with linen

  • Linen is natural material that is just a great thermo-regulating fabric. As of its natural origin, it is rarely reffered to cause allergies and is known for its antibacterial effect.
  • During sweating, it evaporates water and also protect skin from ultraviolet rays.
  • If You take care of your linen pieces well, it can serve You perfectly for years.
  • My vafourite benefit of the fabrics how it can asapt to different temepratures. During stron summer heat, it will keep you cold and othervise, during colder days it keeps warm.
  • During wearing it might crinckle little bit. Your outfit gets super vintage look that is characteristic for slow linen fashion brands.
  • There are several types of linen, but the clothes are usually made of softened medium weight linen fabric with weight around 150 – 200 gr per running meter.

Why You can not find linen baby bonnets in shop easily

As of its quality and characteristics, linen is more expensive fibre and finished linen clothes and accessories have usually higher prices. Fast fashion shops are usually focusing on more cheaper materials with pricing that will please the crowds. No surprise then, We find a linen garments in a standard fashion shops very rarely. The place where You can look for it are small local shops that support slow fashion brands. And, of course easily online using Google search or on platforms as Etsy or

We create fairytale linen baby bonnets inspired by cute animals and magic stories

Our linen bonnets have cute design inspired by little animals from fairy tales. We have designed various playful styles as the design of a Fox, Bunny, Mouse, Mole or Ladybird. They all have cute ears that work very well with little children's smiles. Each linen bonnet from our studio is made of premium european softened linen in colours that can be matched with various styles and clothes. It is sewn with love and focus on precision. Our basic designs as Fox, Bunny, Mole or Grey Mouse might be worn by both, gilrs and also boys.

Our linen bonnets are made of 2 layers of linen and they can ve worn during the whole year. From my personal experience: My daughter have worn it since her birth. Now, she is about 3 years old. During hot sunny day, rainy says and also during snowing. She wears it untill the temperature falls below zero – then we combine it with wearing the capuche of her jacket. We replace it just when it somes to deep freezing. And as You might have noticed, lower winter temperatures have become very rare in Central Europe, we simply wear it whole year.

How to choose the baby bonnet

Before You finally select linen hat for your child, measure her or his head's circuit. Place your measuring tape just above the ears. Then, choose according to measured length most closer size. Keep in mind, that even the hat is made in a standard size, baby heads have different shapes so it might be little bit loose on sides or above the forehead. You can always adjust it by tying the strings. If you wish to wear hat for a longer time, consider choosing a bigger size. Head of a child grows quickly during the first months and then after since 1 year it slows down sizes for toddlers can be worn for about or more then one year. We provide sizing from the birth until 3 years. Circuit of the head becomes stable at 3 years and it do not change significantly In following years, so the size of 3 years might be worn by children about to 6 years.

Benefits of wearing a 2 layered linen baby bonnet

  • Thermo-regulating characteristic of linen makes it a practical children garment that might be worn during diverse temperatures
  • It has antibacterial efect and evaporates sweating.
  • Linen hat is tied under the chin od a child. The ears are always kept safe and You are not bothered with constant adjusting of it. (This is typical for jersey beanie caps)
  • Your child 's head is safe during hot sunny, windy and also colder days.
  • Care is easy and baby bonnet stays the same for a long time.
  • It can become memorable piece that is inherited within your family.
  • Baby bonnet might be also serve as photography props for taking charming children photography.
  • Lastly, when the design is slightly playful it can change your days into joyful moments spent with your little child. Why? When You look at that little cute face You always have to smile. (I am writing from my own experience. And not only mine, When we take walks with my daughter I see how people smile and react to it in a possitive way.)


  • Higher price as i tis handmade and made of more expensive linen
  • Some children might protest during the tying under the chin. My advice is to make them used on tying by weating only hats with strings since they are born.
  • One size is for limited time, so after child grows up you will need a bigger size.
  • Style with ruffles for romantic moments and hot sunny daysWhen You need protect little face and eyes from direct sun, baby bonnet with ruffle can help you. It combines the comfort of linen baby bonnet with wide ruffle above the forehead that helps to prevent eyes of little daughter from direct sun. It has beautiful romantic and vintage look that You can match with little sweaters, curduroy pants or linen shirts, dress and skirts.
  • If You will decide for our linen bonnet with ruffle, I recommend You to take the size of bonnet that corresponds to measured ciscuit of head. Ruffle gives more space to bonnet in its front so it makes it slightly bigger.

How to take care of our linen baby bonnet

You can wash linen baby bonnet at maximum temperature of 40 degrees or wash it in hands. I do not recemmend using the drier as it might shrink and drying under the direct sun. You can iron linen clothes with higher temperatures. Iron it when the cloth is still damp or using steam iron.

I love linen bonnets. As a designer, sewer and also a mother. I hope my article will help You to decide and pick it for your child. You can check our portfolio of bonnets with fairy tale design or choose of variety styles from other brands. You will not be disappointed. Come rain or shine, Linen baby bonnet will become you and child's bestie. For many magic moments. And, maybe for a generation.

Linen baby bonnet will always become little child's bestie. Find out how and why linen baby bonnets are simply great